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Miller, “Speculative Grace”

April 30, 2013

Miller, Adam. 2013. Speculative Grace: Bruno Latour and Object-Orientated Theology. New York: Fordham University Press. 

Publisher’s Description: “This book offers a novel account of grace, framed in terms of Bruno Latour’s ‘principle of irreduction.’ It thus models an object-oriented approach to grace, experimentally moving a traditional Christian understanding of grace out of a top-down, theistic ontology and into an agent-based, object-oriented ontology. In the process, it also provides a systematic and original account of Latour’s overall project.

The account of grace offered here redistributes the tasks assigned to science and religion. Where now the work of science is to bring into focus objects that are too distant, too resistant, and too transcendent to be visible, the business of religion is to bring into focus objects that are too near, too available, and too immanent to be visible. Where science reveals transcendent objects by correcting for our nearsightedness, religion reveals immanent objects by correcting for our farsightedness.

Speculative Grace remaps the meaning of grace and examines the kinds of religious instruments and practices that, as a result, take center stage.”

Jørgensen, “Golden Moments: The Role of Jewellery in South Indian Pentecostalism”

December 11, 2012

Jørgensen, Jonas Adelin. 2012. Golden Moments: The Role of Jewellery in South Indian Pentecostalism. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology 77(4):518-534.


Among a number of organisational factors promoting growth of South Indian Pentecostalism, conversion stories and discussions on ‘worldliness’ and ‘holiness’ serve to emphasise a clear commitment and a distinctive Pentecostal experience. Despite Pentecostalism’s Protestant rhetoric, the experiences and discussions surrounding golden jewellery offer a critical correction to the modern iconoclastic notion of separation between spirit and matter.

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