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Stark and Smith “Pluralism and the Churching of Latin America”

June 10, 2012

Stark, Rodney and Buster G. Smith.  (2012).  Pluralism and the Churching of Latin America.  Latin American Politics and Society 54(2): 35-50.


Reliable data on Protestant and Catholic membership in 18 Latin American nations show that Protestants have recruited a larger percentage of the population in many nations than previously estimated. Analysis of these data shows that, as predicted by the theory of religious economies, the Catholic Church has been invigorated by the Protestant challenge: Catholic mass attendance has risen to unprecedented levels, and is highest in nations where Protestants have made the greatest gains.

Marti “The Adaptability of Pentecostalism”

April 19, 2012

Marti, Gerardo.  2012.  “The Adaptability of Pentecostalism: The Fit between Prosperity Theology and Globalized Individualization in a Los Angeles Church” Pneuma 34(1): 5-25.

Abstract: A main theme in the study of global Pentecostalism is its adaptability to the modern world system; yet, the way in which adaptability “works“ is not well theorized. Hannah Arendt’s analysis of “the private and public realm“ and Ulrich Beck’s description of “individualization and self-culture“ offer heuristic frameworks for understanding how prosperity theology is well-suited to macro-historical patterns that address the growing individualization of everyday life, especially in relation to uncertain career paths and risk-oriented work structures. Arendt’s and Beck’s theoretical conceptualizations move away from sect-like notions of Pentecostals cultivating a bounded system among the non-Spirit-filled natives. Instead, their theoretical conceptualizations reveal Pentecostalism — especially in its prosperity orientation — to be fully compatible with individualization processes experienced by and demanded from today’s workers. A case study of the ministry of Oasis Christian Center to Hollywood entertainment industry workers illustrates connections between the Prosperity/Word of Faith orientation of the congregation and overarching processes of individualization.

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